Friday, March 26, 2010

Buddhists are crazy too.

OK, although I am an atheist, I have to admit I have a place in my heart for Buddhism. Buddhism's core teaching have a lot of value and utility (I think) and are really a form of psychology. Buddhism also teaches the value of inspecting one's beliefs.
However, Buddhists can be religious assholes just like Christians and Muslims. Here is an example:
The singer Akon, about whom I know nothing (I will assume he is talented) has been denied a visa to Sri Lanka. I suppose that is Sri Lanka's right, but one wonders about their motive.
Apparently a mob of a couple hundred Buddhists started throwing rocks at the offices of MTV (something I have often wanted to do but for different reasons) because his "Sexy Bitch" video had a statue of Buddha somewhere in the background. However, now that I see the video is called "Sexy Bitch" my estimates of his talent have been modified.
Also, it seems, a grenade attack happened their in 2004 because a concert happened to take place on a famous monk's birthday.
Now it is possible that this is a religious facade meant to cover an act of political pressure, which makes sense. I have always suspected that most of these sorts of things that are blamed on religion are really political leaders manipulating the religions for their own purposes. So, Muslims and Christians are not the only one's that pressure their governments to do dumb things.

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